Millionaire Business Culture


Book Description

You love your business but hate the number of hours you have to work.

You decided to own your own business to have freedom. Now your business has grown, you have clients, you have employees…and you’re still wondering when you’re going to find that freedom you dreamed about.

Now, imagine a business in which you have a team of people who wake up inspired to go to work, help you get astoundingresults, and feel fulfilled by the work they do. Think of the astronomical growth a company like that would have!

Lina Betancur, founder of Alo Global Technologies, believes that having the freedom to live life on your terms now is more important than deferring it until retirement. But to get this freedom, you need to bring your employees on board 100%.

This dream is not only possible, but within reach. In Millionaire Business Culture, you’ll learn how to:


    • Transform a workplace full of self-interest, lack of commitment, and negativity into one where there is passion, trust, and collaboration.


    • Make happiness the way of success for you and your team.


    • Find, hire, and keep highly-talented individuals.


    • Lead your team to be incredibly resourceful and self-motivated.


    • Leverage the benefits of working from a home office for you and your employees.


  • Hire overseas and substantially decrease your payroll costs by at least 50%

Lina’s clear and easy 7-step process will take you from feeling like a “business operator” to thriving as a “business owner,” loving working with your all-star team and having the freedom to choose to work less and live more.

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