Military And Mindful

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Book Description

In Military and Mindful, Benefsheh Verell combines her knowledge of mindfulness practices with over twenty years in the Army as a Military Police and Information Operations officer to educate service members and their families about the mental, emotional, and physical benefits of yoga and meditation.

Being a mom in the military is very difficult because there is always the underlying uncertainty of what the military will bring next. A mom in the military worries about deploying and how her kids will manage once she does. The feeling of guilt emerges for making career choices that take a mother away from her family. In Military and Mindful, mothers in the military learn how to balance their military career and motherhood without the feelings of guilt or stress. Unlike any other resource currently available for active-duty moms, Military and Mindful offers a template to unleashing one’s internal power. In addition to promoting a focused and positive mindset, Benefsheh Verell reveals how harnessing one’s internal power is essential to living a First-Class life.

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