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Is It Time to Find Meaningful Work That’s Right for You and Your Family?Are you the one who decided to stay home when your children needed extra support?Did you compromise your professional goals in order to have the more flexible schedule?Did you stick with the higher-paying job you didn’t really want so your partner could pursue their passions?In other words, are you beginning to wonder when it will be your turn to do what you were meant to do?In this short, no-nonsense guide, Ivy-League educated author and lawyer Caroline Greene boldly shares how she went from the top of her law school class to the floor of her family’s kitchen, while the man she married rose through the ranks to become a successful partner at a national firm. Unashamed of her husband’s success or her family’s choices, Caroline shares practical tools and thoughtful insights she gained on her journey to finding meaningful work that was right for her and her family.Caroline’s refreshing honesty, captivating story and powerful insight into what well-educated mom’s actually need makes this a must-read for any mother who is ready to truly matter.Inside you’ll find tool to help you:• Discover what you really want,• Create connections that count,• Overcome common obstacles,• Craft your ideal job description and more.”Caroline Greene’s Matter is like a homecoming for every mother who has felt isolated, worried about whether she’s doing the right thing for her family, for her children and for her own life, who has felt guilt or shame or confusion trying to live up to the impossibly high standards our society now requires to be considered a “good” mother. Read this book to feel understood, to learn skills to find and follow your own internal compass, and to realize that taking time to do so isn’t selfish, but the only way to begin to rewrite outdated social scripts in order to create full lives that matter.”- Brigid Schulte, Author of Overwhelmed: Work, Love & Play When No One Has the Time“MATTER packs a lot of intensity into a little package. If you’d like to build a better life, with work that contributes to your happiness, this is a great tool for getting unstuck.”- Laura Vanderkam, Author of 168 Hours and I Know How She Does It“Caroline Greene has written an essential guide to one of the most important challenges we all face – how to create a life of meaning and how to make career choices that work for our family. Drawing on her personal experience and training as a lawyer, coach and mother, she gives practical, easy to read and easy to follow step by step guidance to living a happy, healthy and meaningful life. This book is both wise and inspiring.”- Barrett Avigdor, Managing Director – Major, Lindsey & Africa and Co-Author of What Happy Working Mothers Know”

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