Mastering Your Everyday Superpower

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Book Description

How does owning a human brain allow you to access your superpower?

Can you design a perfect-for-you approach to using neuroscience – the science of ‘miracles’?

Twenty years ago, we thought the brain was fixed after childhood. Now, we know it is plastic, changeable.

This book reveals – in simple plain English – how esoteric “woowoo” practices actually work to reshape our brains and, thereby, our reality. The new brain science provides a template for mastering what the ancients have been saying we could do all along.

If there’s anything you want to change about your life, without struggle and sacrifice, this is the book for you.

In her first Kindle-bestselling book, Your Everyday Superpower: Can the New Brain Science Open the Door to an Altered Reality?, Janette Dalgliesh revealed the complex relationship between the brain, consciousness and reality itself, drawing on research from scientists, researchers and authors from Jill Bolte Taylor, VS Ramachandran and Rudolph E. Tanzi to Deepak Chopra, Joe Dispenza and Don Goewey.

This time she’s getting practical, exploring how age-old techniques such as visualising and meditation work to literally and physically change the brain, thereby creating a brand new reality.
It’s as simple as “new brain, new life”; and anyone can do it. All they need is this “user’s manual” for their brain.

In this short, easy read, you won’t find boilerplate “one size fits all” solutions. Rather, it’s a practical handbook on how you, the reader, can design your own customised processes to master your everyday superpower.

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