Marriage Happiness Is Possible

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Book Description

Has the thrill faded from your marriage?

Is something missing in your relationship? Do you look longingly at the early days of your marriage, wishing you still had that spark? You wish you could snap your fingers and magically return to the happiness of your honeymoon days. You’ve hoped, begged, even prayed to God for a return to a brighter, more passionate relationship, but you just don’t know how to get there.

With thirty-eight years of experience helping nearly-weds and established couples, Pastor Bill Hutcheson is ready to help you have the happy relationship God intended for your marriage. In Marriage Happiness Is Possible, you’ll learn:

  • A transformative, new definition of love that promises to renew your marriage
  • The secret that turns your personality differences from stresses into strengths
  • How to ensure romance in your marriage – yes, that’s a guarantee!
  • Communication strategies to resolve all those little misunderstandings (without the fights!)
  • The importance of taking marriage fun seriously
  • Why your marriage happiness quotient tanked – and how to get it back

Your marriage may have drifted off track, but it’s time to steer back onto the path to happiness. If you’re looking to recapture lasting happiness, then rebuild the thrill together with Bill. Marriage happiness is possible!

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