Make Your Own Money Again

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Book Description

Are you ready to make your own money again?

It was once your dream to stay at home with your kids. You didn’t really have to work because your husband earned a good salary, and you knew that it would never be too late to get back to a career. But now, the arguments around money with your husband are driving you nuts because you have different priorities. At the same time, you are afraid you can’t manage it all. You feel alone. After being home with your kids for years, you’re seriously considering starting a career.

In Make Your Own Money Again, author Charlotte Friborg shares the knowledge and experience she acquired from twenty years of personal and professional studying. By implementing the right tools and coaching you through the process, Charlotte will teach you to:

  • Find the job or career that fits your lifestyle now
  • Manage your time when you start working
  • Find and integrate habits that will make you feel proud of yourself
  • Overcome fear of failure and what your husband or others will say
  • Experience the freedom to buy and support what you want

Join Charlotte in becoming a powerful version of yourself, make your own money, and continue being the amazing mom to your kids. Your time is now!

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