Make Your Mark

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Book Description

Make Your Mark guides those who want to change their career route to create an empowering, re-warding, and fulfilling journey towards having a job they love. What would it be like to have a job that makes you so happy you could sing, where your professional goals are aligned and make a significant impact in your personal life and on your family, those around you, and the world? For over fifteen years talent management and staffing expert Nurys Harrigan-Pedersen has helped professionals create career maps that have dramatically changed the course of their lives with the belief that everyone deserves to have a job they love. Follow the insightful and practical steps outlined in this guide and create a unique map that will make your life soar to unprecedented heights. Make Your Mark is the GPS of your professional life and will help you move forward with renewed enthusiasm and purpose. The best part: This GPS is programmed by you!

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