Make ‘Em Beg to Publish Your Book


Book Description


You know you have a powerful message of hope, healing, and transformation, but how do you get the sacred yes you so desire, from someone who can help you take that message to a larger audience and be the light you were born to be?

In Make ’em Beg to Publish your Book, The Author Incubator’s Dr. Angela busts myth after myth about what it takes to make a difference with a book. Pulling no punches, she tells non-fiction writers under no uncertain circumstances what it takes to make a full-time income in the extremely overcrowded personal growth scene.

This book disrupts 375+ years of publishing history and shares what works now if you want to:

  • Get your book noticed if you aren’t already famous
  • Make your book absolutely irresistible to any publisher
  • Write your own ticket for the future of your message
  • Guarantee your book will sell – even if you don’t have a list
  • Use your book to take your coaching business to the next level
  • Help potential clients find you so you can make a positive impact
  • Share your experience and expertise with the world

The ideas Dr. Angela puts forward in this book have the potential to shake up the publishing industry in a way that is comparable to the way Uber has shaken up the taxi world. Learning these techniques could give you the unfair advantage you have been waiting for.

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