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Every woman wants to avoid that dreadful bathroom-floor moment when life is going smoothly, and then everything falls apart. Unlike Elizabeth Gilbert in Eat, Pray, Love – who traveled the globe in search of contentment, peace, and love – the author didn’t have to go any further than her own backyard. She shares deeply personal vignettes about her life-long struggle between showing up in the world STRONG, and unraveling the truth about vulnerabilities and weaknesses that came to the surface in a big way.

She sets the stage by sharing her most valued beliefs on why we are here, what it means to be human, and how to truly feel connected. Then, she bravely shares personal lessons that she learned during a critical dark time, which cracked her open to a new level of understanding.

This book will help women who feel forced to be strong, who seem to have to handle everything, who build walls to protect themselves, and who believe they have to fight their way through life. Through personal experience, she guides the reader to courageously let go of painful, haunting thoughts, to feel safe with grounded hope and unwavering faith, to practice true self-love that includes healthy boundary-setting, and to discover the real strength already inside you to lead your own life. She invites you to be brave, yet peaceful, to finally end the fight, tear down those walls, open your heart, mind and soul – and allow love in.


Advance Praise for Mafia|kitten.


In this fierce yet tender book, Val shares her own journey of embracing her strength while healing her pain. Her lessons will help many, but particularly strong, perfectionist women who want to live a life of meaning, purpose and joy, on their own terms.
~ Pamela Slim, Author, Body of Work

If you picked up this book in the first place, chances are that as you flip the pages of Mafia Kitten you will feel the vibration of familiarity. A lovely blend of science, ancient wisdom, faith, intuition and life experience, Valerie Steiger as written both a memoir and a guidebook for creating your path out of white-knuckle “brave” living and into a different kind of bravery – a wholehearted strength that is both brave and peaceful and stems from deep knowledge of self. If you are looking for a different way of being in the world, and have yet to solve your own riddles, Mafia Kitten is your place to start.
~ Gretchen Pisano, PCC, MAPP,
Founder & CEO, The Plink Coaching Center for Excellence

Valerie takes us on her personal journey from fighting and surviving, to reconnecting to the essence of who she really is, full of passion and potential, wisdom and experience. This book is for every woman who feels lost in roles and obligations, and yet knows they were meant for something more. She unwraps the gift inside all of us to live peacefully, and take the lead on our own joy and happiness.
~ Traci Bild, Founder Get Your Girl Back Movement

Valerie has written an honest, beautiful tale of her journey from embodying fierce strength, to embodying a more graceful, loving, wise strength. Her story and lessons learned will help many people on that same journey. If always being strong is wearing you down, Mafia Kitten is a must read.
~ Amy Johnson, Ph.D. Psychologist, Author of Being Human

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