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Do you keep falling for the wrong guy?
All you want to do is fall in love and meet the right guy, but how can you when you have the worst self-talk? You eat like crap (a lot), you date guys who keep ghosting you, and you say “sorry” wayyyy too often. Sound familiar? If you’ve read the books, bought the crystals, aligned your chakras, tried drinking your feelings away with wine, practiced yoga, and still felt lonely, then it must be time to glow-up, hard.

As the Everyday Goddess, sexologist and psychotherapist Carlen Costa has supported her clients to find true love in their lives. She gets what you’re feeling and has been exactly where you are, right now. Her Goddess Glow-Up process shows you how to:

  • Stop giving in and falling for the wrong quality of guys
  • Identify what your perfect relationship looks like (it’s totally not what you already think it is!)
  • Stop feeling lonely
  • Know what it should feel like when you find the right guy
  • Be selfish – which will actually help you attract the right quality of guy
  • Find the man who will worship you like a Goddess

Whether you’re into mapping your desires with Danielle LaPorte, daring greatly with Brené Brown, or being your best badass witch with Lisa Lister, if you’re ready to unapologetically level-up your love life, this is the choice book for you!

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