Love Your Work & Make More Money


Book Description

Love Your Work and Make More Money helps women learn to love what they do and buy their freedom.

Do the words you can’t speak at the office come out as private anguish?

Are your work days filled with mixed messages from your leaders?

Do you find yourself staying, despite long hours and unreasonable demands?

Are you only there because it is the “responsible” thing to do?

The truth is that you can make conscious choices about your career. And create a work life that is fun, fulfilling, financially rewarding, and gives both your soul and your voice the freedom to express themselves. Jenny Krengel worked her way from $16,000 a year as a college drop-out receptionist to a highly-paid sales rep in the high-tech industry. Then, single and 31 years old, she started over again, leaving a beloved six-figure job to finish her college degree. Jenny was ready to have the life she wanted for herself. Keeping a positive mindset, trusting herself, honing her skills, and leaning on others, Jenny has refocused on her heart work: to educate and inspire women to live into their potential as happy, confident contributors in this modern workforce that needs their lights to shine. Love Your Work and Make More Money teaches women how to be FEARLESS, have integrity in their job, feel like they matter, help their customers, and buy their freedom!

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