Love Your Job or Leave It


Book Description

Use Law of Attraction to Improve Your Daily Life at Work!

Do you feel stuck or stagnant in your job? Have you tried using Law of Attraction to change things? This book shows you strategies and techniques to keep your Law of Attraction creative mojo high during work hours and move you to more job happiness, either in your current job or a new one. Lisa Reid shares her proven processes for practical ways to use every waking hour to reinforce new beliefs and allow manifestations to unfold, developed while she herself worked in an office job. Lisa’s results were significant and yours can be, too. Use these strategies to supercharge your goals and impact your personal life and your work life in amazing ways – more money, more time, and more joy.You can manage your office environment. Best of all, you can feel more happiness and hopefulness all day long at work.

You will get:
Quick Starts to feel better immediately.
Learn powerful processes to make every work day feel much better.
Find out how to choose inspiration over desperation.

You spend 8-12 hours each week day at work. Make sure job time works in your favor! Do you want more happiness and hopefulness in every hour of your work day? Would you like to change your outcomes or are you thinking about ditching your job? Then don’t wait! This book has been described as Esther Hicks meets Getting Things Done. You can get started right now and it’s easy when you use the steps in this book.

If you’re feeling unsatisfied in your job, think that you need a big positive change or want a dream job that you don’t even know the first steps to attaining it are, then this book is for you. It will show you how to tap into your world of possibilities and open opportunities that may already be in your current realm of reality. I love Lisa’s holistic approach on creating your fulfilled work and life balance and all the tools she generously shares throughout this book. Highly recommend it!

– Ying Han Cheng, Bestselling Author, Expert and Coach of You Only Live Once Life + Business Innovation

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