Love You, Ava Baby

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Book Description

How do you move forward after the death of your child?

One of the most devastating and life-changing moments a parent can face is experiencing the death of their child. Bereaved parents are often left unsupported in the swells of grief and the long-term reality of unending sorrow after trauma.

Erin Chandler lost her own daughter, Ava, and spent years suffering alone, struggling with the debilitating physical, emotional, and mental effects of unexpressed anger and grief. In Love You, Ava Baby, Erin gives a raw and vulnerable account of her journey through Ava’s life and death. She shares how she learned that the heartbreaking lows and the painful face of grief can actually lead to a life filled with joy, purpose, and miracles.

Ava’s story will help you:

  • Find meaning and purpose in the story of your child’s life
  • Discover how walking through your pain with the support of someone who has shared the same loss can be a lifeline
  • Learn how to open your heart to the Universe and Spirit and let your child show you the signs that they are with you
  • Start healing your heart, your life, your soul

Let the untold truths about life after losing a child bring you hope and show you how to find peace and purpose as you ride the swinging pendulum of grief. Let the miracles of Spirit heal your shattered heart, today and every day.

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