Love Letters To A Stripper 

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Book Description

You’re finding yourself restless and ready to ditch the desperation of dancing – now it’s time to rock the next phase of your life.

Making ends meet while working in a strip club is not the only challenge. It’s a daily struggle – you work wacky hours, deal with cattiness or drama from other dancers, and you don’t make nearly enough money to cover for all the compromises you’re making. You also need to find room in your life for friends, family, and romance. But all of that feels elusive when your career comes with shame, suppression, exploitation, and abuse.

Professional and personal life coach Angelina Lombardo has not only walked that path, but she has helped others make change in their lives, and those changes have brought freedom and fulfillment when it seemed most elusive.

In Love Letters to a Stripper, Angelina will help you:

  • Make the kind of change that will allow you to do much more than just pay the bills
  • Learn techniques to quiet and rewire your mind so that it never sabotages your thinking
  • Learn what your most important asset really is
  • Identify and leverage the sensations in your body, which are leading you in the right direction
  • Understand, honor, and respect your emotions so that you know what they are telling you
  • Support your safety, growth, and change through enlightened awareness of mind, body, and spirit

Take charge and accelerate your life today, so that you can secure your future, make your daily ends meet, and start making truly transformational change in your life.

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