Love and The Highly Engaged Team


Book Description

Are you worried about how you will lead your tired, disengaged team?

Do you doubt your own ability to successfully lead your team because you feel overwhelmed?

You find yourself staying awake at night, worrying about how to make ends meet and wondering how you’ll ever achieve the productivity and results you’re ultimately responsible for. What happens when pressures seem never-ending, coming from everywhere, and time and your team do not seem like your best allies?

Author and human resources practitioner Maria R. Nebres brings over twenty-five years of personal and professional experiences, gained insights, and problem solving with time-tested measures to offer an integrative framework to answer your leadership questions and address dilemmas.

In Love and the Highly Engaged Team, Maria invites you to learn:

  • The truth about lasting success and what it takes to achieve it
  • Why most leaders fail when it comes to leading tired, disengaged employees
  • Two key mindsets and how the right one can help turn problems into solutions that produce commitment and top results
  • The truth about time and how to use it to make it your all
  • An inside-out leadership approach to boosting energy, talent, and engagement
  • A framework with key steps to achieve lasting balance, productivity, and results

Wait no longer to achieve your leadership breakthrough and seize the possibility that you can lead during trying times, both personally and professionally.

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