Life Worth Living

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Book Description

How do you continue on with your life as a widow and sole parent?

Even if you had life all figured out before the loss of your husband, you now find yourself as the head of household and the only person responsible for your children after his passing. Having walked this journey, Michelle Hoffmann shares guidance on how to deal with the unthinkable like removing your wedding ring, adjusting your social media, and finding the right surrogate to represent at the father-daughter dance. Michelle shows you the ways to take care of yourself and your children while moving through grief and rebuilding your future.

In Life Worth Living you’ll learn:

  • The top things you need to do to avoid losing your assets, job, and children
  • Techniques to support grieving children in the areas where they are most vulnerable
  • The reasons you get stuck in grief and how to get through it
  • Tips to enjoy life’s celebrations and milestones without your spouse
  • How to support and comfort others while you are figuring out what happens next
  • Healthy coping strategies to communicate with and answer children’s questions

Evocative of Option B by Sheryl Sandberg, Life Worth Living shines the light on the topic of resilience. When you are responsible for taking care of everyone and everything as a widow and sole parent, let Michelle Hoffmann show you that you still have dreams of your own.

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