Leaving the Castle


Book Description

Leaving the Castle uses myth and fairy tales to explore what happens inside ourselves after the collapse of a marriage, as we search for the confidence to start over.

It is almost impossible to make a huge life change using only the conscious logical mind. Stories and fairy tales help us tap into stronger, faster, and more cunning unconscious parts of our psyches. They show us how to gain clarity about where we stand and how to draw strength for the challenges ahead.

Leaving the Castle book is a Women Who Run with the Wolves for women who are considering or going through a divorce.

Leaving the Castle was written to ignite your imagination and courage, and to help you:
•Recognize that there are worlds beyond what your mindset has allowed you to see
•Reclaim powers that the mindset you’re leaving had cast into the shadows
•Move forward with the wisdom and strength that comes from honoring and utilizing your whole self
•Build a bridge from what has fallen to new meaning and purpose
•Illuminate the frightening in-between space – where we’re ready to leave but haven’t yet gone, and where we’re emotionally and psychologically centering ourselves for the journey ahead
•Bring your contribution to the marriage dynamic into consciousness so you don’t attract and build the same situation again
•Rebuild and reconnect with your faith in yourself

This book is not only about leaving the castle you’ve known. It’s about claiming your own kingdom and building anew.

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