Leadership Through Trust & Collaboration


Book Description

Develop leaders who drive results.
You want to develop the best leaders, the kind who people want to follow, who know how to break through silos and get people to work well together. The truth is that one of the biggest obstacles to effective leadership is gaining trust and collaboration. It’s about finding the courage to build meaningful relationships. Leaders who can build trust and touch hearts will dominate markets.

Jill Ratliff, a twenty-five-year Fortune 100 human resources executive, knows well what amazing things leaders can do under the right circumstances. This is what has led her to write Leadership Through Trust and Collaboration, a practical guide to learn:

  • Why current strategies to build leaders aren’t working – and what can be done to improve them
  • How to help leaders build collaboration and trust as they’re at their day jobs, not at expensive, time-consuming off-sites
  • Powerful skills for leaders to communicate better in stressful moments
  • Profound new ways of thinking that simplify how the best leaders lead in challenging situations
  • And how all of these skills will reduce stress in leaders’ personal lives, which could save your company millions!

Leadership Through Trust and Collaboration is a must-read for anyone who’s serious about leading in today’s challenging environments.

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