Layla’s Gale

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Book Description

He’s the best lover she’s ever had; unfortunately, he’s nothing more than a hunky vision in erotic dreams that leave her gasping for breath. But now he’s right here, standing in front of her.

Layla Cohen’s life has been a car-crash lately, but the struggling actress is finally getting back on top. As she starts work on a new play in the D.C. theatre scene, she is stunned to realize that her hunky, green-eyed director is the same guy from her most erotic dreams.

Director Sebastian Tawanti is determined that this play—a fruit of a whole life’s work—will work, and nothing will stand in his way—not even the devastatingly gorgeous Layla.

Sebastian and Layla’s overpowering desire for each other is the least of their troubles: their meeting sparks off new, unique powers that they don’t yet fully understand. Call it empathy, call it witchcraft, call it mad superhero skills. Intoxicated by their passion and confused by their abilities, they find themselves thrown into the middle of an ancient battle where sinister forces will stop at nothing to win—including murder.

Layla’s Gale is Book 2 of Elemental Myths, a paranormal romance / magical realism series. Fans of Karen Marie Moning’s Fever series and Marjorie M. Liu’s Dirk and Steele series have praised its gripping storytelling where ancient Incan mythology entwines with modern-day urban fantasy elements.
Combining thrilling suspense with erotic action, Elemental Myths offers up a steamy world where various superhero couples struggle to control their powers and passion, while fighting to save humanity from its biggest threat yet.

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*Warning: Sensually graphic M/F sex scenes included. Age 18+ only.**

**BONUS: Includes the first chapter of Book 3, Annie’s Defiance!**

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