Keep Talking, They Can Hear You


Book Description

When a loved one dies unexpectedly, with the shock come questions that lodge in your heart, aching to be answered. Are you OK? Where are you? Can you hear me? You have experiences that contradict what you were taught about death. You feel their presence for a quick moment, but it is too brief to understand. You have signs that must be from your loved one, but you let your rational mind or others talk you out of believing them. Rather than the grief healing, your pain and confusion grow.

Marian Bayer experienced this when her sister Mary was killed by a drunk driver. She felt her sister near at times and thoughts in her sister’s voice would pop into Marian’s head. No one could explain to her what she was experiencing. The doubt and misunderstanding of the connection with her sister lasted for years, until Marian couldn’t ignore the messages and her heartache any longer. She discovered how to strengthen the connection with her sister and talk with her.

Your loved one can connect with you and you do have an ongoing relationship. In the book you learn how you can get the answers to your questions:

-My brother died so suddenly, is he all right?
-What about our unresolved issues, can I heal them now?
-I know I can feel my loved one near me at times, is this real or am I making it up?
-I have things to tell her, how can I get that message to her?
-My sister didn’t believe in heaven, where is she?

You don’t have to get over it and move on. Built on years of study with the world’s best Mediums, like James Van Praagh, and work with her clients, Marian created the Spirit to Spirit Communication Process. You don’t have to wait until you die to reconnect with your loved one. That love and relationship is right here for you, right now.

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