Journey of the Awakened Psychic


Book Description

SEARCHING FOR A WAY TO CONTROL YOUR PSYCHIC GIFTS? Are you looking to make sense of your “out-there” experiences? Do you feel like your gifts are more of a curse than a blessing? Searching for ways to awaken your third eye?

Many highly sensitive people are searching for ways to control their psychic abilities. For many, it’s either take control or be controlled. While desperate for answers, many get stuck on their search.

One of the biggest obstacles awakening psychics face is the fear of being “crazy”. Even the word “psychic” is not fully accepted. Thus, it’s easy for the highly sensitive to live in fear. They feel like they’re alone with their experiences.

To help these awakening intuitives, Spiritual teacher Joe Gacoscos provides a 10 Step Guide For Awakening Your Psychic Gifts. In this book, he uses a spiritual approach to help intuitives, empaths, Starseeds and other light warriors awaken their true psychic potential. He helps readers learn to hone their natural gifts. He guides students on a journey to making peace with their psychic gifts.

Readers learn to:

  • Control overwhelm when encountering different spiritual energies
  • Use powerful energy tools to create psychic boundaries with beings and entities looking to make contact from the other side
  • Create a grounded space to not take on energy from others
  • Make sense of their unexplained and extraordinary psychic experiences
  • Unblock their third eye to fulfill their highest spiritual potential

Joe Gacoscos has helped thousands of students with their psychic development. He shares his many years helping students shortcut their way to unlocking their third eye. Beginners to advanced healing practitioners have benefitted from his wisdom. This book is infused with the heart of “The Surrender Experiment” to the cosmic clarity of “Becoming Supernatural”. Readers journey with purpose and clarity through each step.

If you are ready to take control your psychic abilities—and access higher spiritual Truths that only developing your third eye can give you—then now is the time to read this book.

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