Job Joy


Book Description

Find Success and Happiness by Doing Work That Matters.

Job Joy author, Kristen Zavo, knows what it’s like to be successful by all outside measures, but still unhappy at work. Over the course of nearly two decades in traditional jobs, she’s tried it all in pursuit of career happiness and fulfillment.

In this guide, she passes on the knowledge of her experience, so you can shortcut your way to career happiness. You’ll learn what worked (and what didn’t), and the exact process that she discovered – and now uses with clients – so that they too, can turn things around and once again become excited, passionate and fulfilled at work.

Job Joy is the perfect guide for high achievers who feel stuck in their career – unsure of what to do next, and afraid it’s too late to do anything different anyway. After reading Job Joy, you will have the tools to:

  • Find meaning at work NOW
  • Do more of what you love and less of what you don’t each day, and still make it to 6pm spin class
  • Determine whether you should stay put or find a new job – or even an entirely new career
  • Overcome the top fears and challenges that are stopping you from making a move – and a difference
  • Create a plan to build a career that has meaningWhy let yet another year go by, hoping for change to just happen? Take the first step towards experiencing success, meaning, and happiness in your career – get Job Joy today!

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