Is It Them Or Is It Me?


Book Description

Have you ever walked away from a family gathering scratching your head wondering what just happened? Travelling with Martha as she weaves her personal journey with theory, we gain clarity and insight into our family patterns, how to identify those patterns and use personal boundaries to develop healthier relationships. Martha helps us to understand what is going on within our family, why it’s happening and how we can move forward. We learn to identify and value our own needs, and how to take responsibility for our own emotional well being.

Is it them or is it me? comes from a framework of family patterns, individual strategic behaviors, and how we get caught up in it all. When we can take a step back, and with curiosity and compassion, look at the patterns, we are better able to take ownership of what is ours, and hand back what isn’t. Instead of going on autopilot and reacting, we can have awareness and create space for a healthy response.

We may not be able to create change in our family, but we can start to create healthy change for our self.

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