Invisible Dad

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Book Description

Why me? As a fatherless child, your interpretation of society is a little different. You constantly feel incomplete when you see fathers on television, in the grocery store, and on social media. And no matter how much you try to voice your feelings, you steadily are sucked into life’s woes. Perfection is the perfect way for you to mentally escape. Ultimately, you never deal with the trials of your childhood, leaving you to grow into a person that lacks confidence in your emotional voice. Join Candice as she takes you on her journey of coming face-to-face with being a fatherless daughter, to living an amazing life filled with healing and wholeness. Candice’s life-changing path will help you come to terms with who you truly are. Full of raw feelings, interesting twists, and a desperate plea for peace, Invisible Dad is the tool you need to transform your life into the best “you” you can be. This book is what you’ve been looking for!

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