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Make your business grow by having an efficient sales system

After all these years, your company has not grown the way you planned. It’s difficult to find salespeople who make important deals and maintain customer relationships as well as you do. It’s time to create a commercial structure, so you can grow and expand your business.

Inspire is the best way to adapt your small or medium business to a personalized and integrated sales structure that includes a specific selection process, a training program, and a loyalty and reward plan for the sale department. All this will make your sales increase at least twenty percent more, making your business grow and expand.

Yazmín Torres Padilla draws from her years of experience in solving the most common organizational problems to show you how to retake control of your business. Throughout Inspire, you will learn how to:

  • Choose the right person to work in the sales team and get rid of inefficient staff
  • Set commercial goals that make your business grow
  • Train and coach the commercial team to make them reach goals
  • Evaluate performance and reward members of your sales team
  • Identify the service your client will love and communicate it
  • Identify bottlenecks that are making the team sale less efficient
  • Develop a leadership to manage high performance teams

If you’re ready to take your business to the next level, then Inspire is the key to sales success.

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