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You don’t need an engineering degree to build robots, as an engineer and mother of two has paved the way for hours of purposeful engagement and enrichment for kids of all ages. Every parent wants to enrich their children’s education. Every child is different, in terms of abilities and needs, interests and skills.

After picking up her son from a playdate where he spent the whole time inside on a gaming console, Monica, whose son had challenges with schoolwork, decided it was time to make a change. Her son had dysgraphia, tons of energy, trouble focusing – and yet, he was reading three grade levels above his current grade. She decided it was time to add her own enrichment.

Over time, Monica developed her project-based curriculum for her own sons into a business, where she has taught after-school and summer classes for kids ages five to fourteen. This is a book that contains a proven sample of easy hands-on Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) projects using Robotics.

The projects are fun, hands-on, and not difficult to accomplish. For parents, this book is about adding enrichment to your child’s education, whether or not they qualify for gifted and talented programming at school. It is an ideal way to spend time as a family, collaborate and create, have some fun, and get to know the person your child is becoming.

Monica’s goal with this book was to give every kid the exposure to a fun STEM program. This book combines The Iggulden, “The Dangerous Book for Boys” with Kathy Ceceri “Robotics” – all the while using ROBOTIX® from as the foundation for enrichment learning.
It is also a foundation book schools can use to easily enhance their curriculum by adding a fun STEM program across grade levels. It is an excellent book for any youth leader to start a before or after school enrichment program or even a robotics club in their school or organization.

“Monica Burch has written a book for Parents and Teachers to enhance the Hands-on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Math) experience using the ROBOTIX Educational Learning product line that will allow Boys & Girls in Kindergarten to Eighth Grade a simple but sophisticated look at the development of a Curriculum that allows Kids to create, to develop, to be educated, and most important, to be entertained!” – Neal L. Friedman, President/CEO, Robotics & Things

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