In It For the Long Haul


Book Description

Stop burning out! Reclaim your energy to create meaningful change!

Feeling exhausted and overwhelmed by the urgent need for change, yet sometimes stuck in hopelessness and despair? Are you running on empty, having to push yourself to keep going? Are you afraid you might burnout or slowly fade away from passion fatigue? Then this book is for you. Through engaging stories and practical tips and tools you’ll learn how to:

  • Recognize the warning signs you’re burning out
  • Take better care of yourself AND spark real change in the world
  • Recommit to self-care so you can be of greater service
  • Navigate the backlash and self-sabotage you’ll inevitably face
  • Avoid burnout and passion fatigue while maintaining a high level of energy, passion, and persistence year after year

The world needs more passionate, committed change agents who can go the distance, not flame out in an all-out sprint. Read this book to find out how to recreate your life to sustain your impact in the world over the long haul.

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