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Tired of feeling like life is happening to you instead of for you? What if life doesn’t have to be hard, and there is indeed an easier way?
If you desire to live a life full of purpose while manifesting money, love, and the career that sets your heart on fire … then you’ve come to the right place. In this book, Christie takes you on a journey from broke-as-fluff to making 40K within 30 days. She’ll teach you:

  • How to let go of years of residual crap using Christie’s quick, simple process
  • Why most entrepreneurs fail – and how you can succeed
  • How to guarantee you have all of the tools, resources, and pizazz you need to launch your own bad-ass business
  • How to prioritize, organize, and create a 25-hour work week
  • How to attract your soul clients for free
  • How to keep your abundance flowing, and not suffer from burn-out in the process

This book is like You Are A Bad-Ass and The Universe Has Your Back had a baby. Read it today so you can learn the secrets to manifesting the life you desire with “ease and flow,” and stop chasing your fluffin’ tail.

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