I Love The Church, I Hate The Church

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Book Description

Sister, you just found your tribe.

Every female minister knows deep within her heart that she has a special calling to serve God’s people. There is a ministry she was put on this earth to fulfill – something only she can do. Her passion and servant’s heart are what have led her to this point and she has only just begun to step into her power. But the church’s patriarchal roots run deep. With one hand, the institutional church raises her up, lauding her leadership and praising her calling, but with the other it tears her down, silencing her voice and breaking her heart.

Stuck in this crazy-making cycle, she wonders if it is all worth it. Maybe she should just walk away, save herself, and find another way to serve God and the people she loves.

Sister, you have been trying to do alone what we can only do together. In I Love the Church, I Hate the Church, you will find:

  • An invitation to reckon with the ways the church has wounded you
  • Tools for recovering from the psychological abuse you have suffered at the hands of the church
  • A powerful sisterhood working to undo the patriarchal strongholds that are killing the church
  • A system for discerning, envisioning, and co-creating the ministry you were born to incarnate

If you are ready to join the community that will change your life so that together we can change the church and the world, I Love the Church, I Hate the Church was written just for you.

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