I Left My Toxic Relationship- Now What?


Book Description

It’s never too late to live on your own after ending a toxic relationship.

Do you feel overwhelmed with how to rebuild your life after leaving a years-long toxic and abusive relationship? If learning how to live on your own again feels scary or daunting, you’re not alone. You’ve already taken the first big step in starting your new life, but now what? If you are looking for a road map for independence with active steps to take in order to get there, I Left My Toxic Relationship – Now What? is for you.

Join author, educator, and registered psychotherapist Heather Kent as she unlocks the secrets to:

  • Discover what’s really holding you back from your independence
  • Recover from the effects of your toxic relationship and start feeling better – immediately!
  • Get rid of those toxic, false beliefs from your previous relationship
  • Create a new support network and quality friendships
  • Become confident and learn how to stand up for yourself
  • Find happiness again!

Today is the day to take back control of your life, stop feeling overwhelmed, and start being happy!

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