I Just Want to Be Me Again


Book Description

Did you get The Talk when you were a young girl? You know, the one about (shh) Your Period.

Well, there’s another change that happens to us women that’s not talked about nearly enough.Menopause.If you’re like author, the unanticipated changes and symptoms of perimenopause have you screaming “I just want to be ME again!” Her own journey through menopause led her to research what was happening to her and to figure out how to recapture her own zest for life.Jeanne Andrus shares her findings to help you understand what’s going on in your body as you go through the menopause cycle. She explains what the changing hormones mean to your body, your mind, and your emotions.But she doesn’t stop there.Andrus offers practical suggestions for simple lifestyle changes to help you:•Understand the messages of your symptoms•Balance your hormones•Tame the symptoms of menopause •Find the best diet plan for you to lose weight and feel fantastic•Discover the right exercise program for your stage of menopauseIf you want to find your way to the YOU you want to be, this book is your guide!

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