I Can’t Believe I Dated Him

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Book Description

No matter how much we learn about dating, boundaries, and calling in the one, we wind up attracting the wrong men. When this happens, we are tempted to beat ourselves up. Don’t. What if the frustration is the very emotion you need in order to change your future relationship status?

Every relationship leaves us with new standards, boundaries, and trust issues. While we hope to have a healthy relationship in the future, we are afraid of getting our hopes up. Our emotional wounds tempt us to lower our standards and settle for less because high standards lead to disappointment. In I Can’t Believe I Dated Him, EFT Tapping Expert (aka Emotional Freedom Techniques) Jackie Viramontez explores how doubt, uncertainty, and guilt are showing up for a different reason than what we might think.

By accepting our emotions, laughing at imperfections, and being courageously authentic, we transform relationship issues into opportunities. Viramontez’s seven choices empower women to break up with the wrong men and to celebrate the right ones. We never again have to ask:

  • Why do I keep dating cheaters?
  • Am I dating the right guy?
  • Am I dating a narcissist?
  • How do I get unstuck?
  • How do I rebuild trust?

If you are tired of toxic relationship patterns and self-criticism, I Can’t Believe I Dated Him is a practical guide to manifest a relationship rooted in confidence, emotional intelligence, and authenticity.

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