I Can Sit Again

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Book Description

Get rid of your tailbone pain and sit comfortably again!

Tailbone pain is life-changing. It affects the way you sit, work, drive, or travel. It can consume your everyday thought process, leading to loss of concentration, irritability, and depression. However, this is treatable. Your tailbone pain can be treated, and you will sit comfortably again. In I Can Sit Again, you will learn:

  • What to do to treat your tailbone pain
  • What type of doctors offer treatment
  • What to expect during your treatment
  • What to expect as you heal, after you are treated

Dr. Stebbing takes the concepts behind regenerative orthopedic treatment procedures that Dr. Chris Centeno discusses in his book Orthopedics 2.0: How Regenerative Medicine and Interventional Orthopedics Will Change Everything, and Dr. Marchetti’s guide on the science of current stem cells options discussed in A Buyer’s Guide to Stem Cell Therapies: Safely Choose the Right Regenerative Treatment for You and makes them easy to understand. Learn what to expect during your visit with a physician well trained in non-operative orthopedic medicine and feel empowered as you navigate through the interventional orthopedic regenerative medicine field, stem cells, and other evolving treatments. A life without tailbone pain ispossible.

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