I Can See No Way


Book Description

Emma Kate lived the first 38 years of her life living a paradox. On the one hand, she failed to fully understand the driving force that caused her to self-destruct again and again. A failed marriage that was full of manipulation, control and violence, a second that was even more violent. She was a trier. She was changing others through her vocation, but she felt a fraud, as she perceived she was failing to change herself.

The death of her first husband, the much-loved father of her beloved son Charles, motivated her to discover the roots of her problems and begin the healing process. This dramatic change of outlook in her life was met with great resistance. Her approach to helping thousands of families facing the same jeopardy transformed her as the founder of I Can See No Way and creator of Authenticity Transformational Programme. Her clients can be seen everywhere. We are everywhere. From senior police officers to teachers to social workers. To barristers, bankers solicitors, and bartenders. To prisoners to the homeless to those seeking support in refuges and safe houses. They are male, they are female, from diverse backgrounds. We are everywhere.

In 2014, her clients, all women who had endured domestic violence suggested they write to the Prime Minister and the Queen to request she be recognized in the Queen’s Birthday honors. The very next week, she was fired. She’d crossed the bureaucratic boundary; she’d made a scene. It’s in those moments when people’s heads go under the parapet that Emma Kate’s rises high above it. Finally she can see a way, and wants her Authenticity to be magnetic to those who cannot see a way out. She’s a victim she’s a survivor. She’s a mother, daughter, and a friend.

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