How to Heal Psoriasis From The Inside Out

Marna J Currie

Book Description

Find the Unique Cause of Psoriasis in You

Have you ever wondered why on earth you have psoriasis? What is causing it? Why you have tried everything and it just doesn’t seem to shift on a long-term basis. Marna asked these questions all too often and came across some profound answers.

Being able to understand yourself on a deeper level can make a real shift in physical healing.
This book helps you dig in to deeper root causes of why you have psoriasis — not only on a physical level, but, most importantly, on an energetic one too.

This book is a great resource if you want to heal at the root cause instead of masking the symptoms. It truly dives into the mind-body-soul connection and why all three need acknowledgement if you want genuine results of clear soft skin. Diet, Ayurvedic techniques and energy medicine are discussed in a way no other source is offering for this particularly stubborn autoimmune condition.

Marna walks the talk as an EFT Practitioner (Meridian Tapping), Yogalates teacher, Reflexologist and Author. In this book she acknowledges everyone is unique and encourages you to take a personal journey, offering powerful tools and techniques to Heal Yourself from the Inside Out.

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