How To Get Over Being Humiliated


Book Description

Learn how to get your life back after losing your career.

Maybe you’ve suffered some kind of public humiliation that left you feeling lost, confused, guilty, and unsure of how to move forward. How to Get Over being Humiliated can guide you through the overwhelming and difficult process of returning to the real world when you feel as if you were rejected from it.

After experiencing career humiliation in 2006, Leesa Ward embarked on a journey of growth, discovery, and personal development. She discovered that her calling is to help people move on from being humiliated and shamed by their careers. In How to Get Over being Humiliated, you will learn how to:

  • Practice gratitude and thankfulness as a way of healing
  • Create your best support system of people who inspire you
  • Change your mindset from one of guilt and self-deprecation to one of empowerment
  • Forgive yourself and ask forgiveness from those around you
  • Develop a vision and direction for the future

Even if it feels like your life is over, it doesn’t have to be. How to Get Over being Humiliated will help you gain the power to move on and transform into the person you want to be and the “you” you deserve to be.

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