How Do I Survive?

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Book Description

Are you trying to go on living after the death of your child?

You’re riding an emotional rollercoaster that takes your breath away. You find yourself going from happy to sad to mad in a heartbeat. Your relationships with family, friends, and co-workers feel strained or uncomfortable, and your energy is so low that it’s hard to get out of bed and keep moving throughout the day.

Get off this rollercoaster of grief and get back onto stable ground! You can wake up each day saying to yourself, “I got this!”

How Do I Survive? is for grieving moms who are tired of struggling to get through each day. Author and grief coach Patricia Sheveland shows you the steps to:

  • Get out of bed, get dressed, and get your “to-do” list done each day
  • Find ways to get your physical energy back
  • Even out your emotions when you feel out of control
  • Plan stress-free time with your family and friends
  • Honor your child’s memory and name on a regular basis

It’s time to create a life worth living by honoring your child’s memory and rediscovering your purpose.

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