How Could Divorce Be A Good Idea?


Book Description

Do you feel like your marriage is more like war than love? Have you tried counseling and it bombed? Is your health declining from keeping all this stuff inside? Have you been married for some time now and come to the realization that your union is about to dissolve?

Joni McKenna is a certified mediator and Relationship/Divorce Coach with a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology. She has been married four times with two of the unions producing a total of four children. How Could Divorce Be A Good Idea? will take you through how to decide if it is time to leave your marriage and the steps you may take to make that happen successfully.

•Understand why your marriage isn’t working and if it is possible to fix it.
•Identify who you married and why you aren’t happy.
•Make sure you have tried everything to save the relationship.
•Acknowledge emotional fears that are holding you back.
•Formulate an exit strategy.

When you read this book, you will discover that no matter how many times you have been married, you don’t have to live a life less than you deserve. It is okay to be happy. You have the power to choose your life partner, and if that choice goes awry, it is acceptable to make another choice.

Please join me in logically sorting out the end of this season of your life. You deserve a life filled with peace, harmony, and joy!

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