Holy Sh*t, My Kid Is Cutting!


Book Description

You ask yourself questions such as: Is my kid’s self-harm my fault? Did I fail as a parent? Where is the smiling kid I once knew? Cutting is the behavior that tells you something is definitely wrong and that your kid needs immediate understanding and help.

Dr. J.J. Kelly has been working with teens and young adults for the last fifteen years, and she is the person whom other professionals send their self-harm patients to. In Holy Sh*t, My Kid Is Cutting!, she makes sure you:

  • Uncover why your kid is cutting by debunking myths and revealing truths about self-harm
  • Build your plan of action to make the cutting stop
  • Find the professional who actually helps
  • Move your kid forward to becoming a healthy, active, joyful young adult

Relieve your worry and guilt, and get all the tools you need to steer your kid onto a healthy, happy path again.

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