Hiring for the Future


Book Description

As a leader your most important job is to attract, hire and retain people who fit, perform and stay. The future success and prosperity of your business depends on you doing this well and, better than your competitors.

With 76% of Generation Y stating they’d rather start their own business than be employed, the decline in 35-44 year old, an ageing population and increased mobility, hiring right fit high performers is about to become even more challenging. If you and your business are going survive and thrive you need to overcome the challenges of the ‘talent crunch.’

Hiring for the Future is written for leaders who recognize the impact high performers make and want to be a successful leader by making a meaningful contribution to a business.

Integrating case studies, human resource and business leaders’ insight and the author’s 20 years experience in hiring high performers, the practical and proven F.U.T.U.R.E system will help you:

• Get clear about you the why and what of the position and person
• Create an ‘on brand,’ targeted marketing campaign using that excites and attracts your right talent
• Broaden your talent pool by identifying high potential rather than being limited by past experience
• Save time and money by only interviewing potential employees
• Offer and recruit your preferred applicant, every time!

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