Help! My Husband Is Hardly Home

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Book Description

Is it a struggle raising your family while your husband is away?

Your life partner is hardly home because of work. The majority – if not all – of the parenting and household duties fall on you. You resent him just a little…or maybe a lot. This doesn’t have to be your reality.

Author, Lightworker, mother, and wife Kelsey Domiana knows all too what it means to feel unsupported and exhausted with raising a family. As her husband, a professional basketball player, is often traveling, she realized that she needed to reclaim her joy and find a support system. Kelsey knows that it’s not impossible to feel empowered when your husband is away and that you don’t have to do it all by yourself. In Help! My Husband Is Hardly Home, Kelsey shares her truth of feeling the overwhelm, isolation, and frustration that come with having a partner who works away from home. Through her empowering eight-step process, she reveals:

  • The real reason you resent him
  • The trick to coping with his absence
  • The secret to getting your husband to help out more
  • The key to balancing the family’s daily routine with his cameos
  • The easiest way to improve your overall mood and marriage

Because you deserve happiness and support at home, you deserve to read Help! My Husband Is Hardly Home.

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