Help! My Child Hates School

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Book Description

A veteran educator tackles the many difficulties kids face in school—from bullying to lack of motivation—with strategies to help your child love learning.

Is your child depressed, unmotivated, resentful, or angry when it’s time to go to school each morning? Does your child come home with stories of being bullied or made fun of? Does your child possess unusual talents that go unrecognized at school―or, worse, is he or she seen as strange by teachers or peers?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, help has arrived. HELP! My Child Hates School cuts to the root of your child’s school issues and shows you practical ways to turn the situation around, getting your child out of misery and back to thriving. Along the way, Mara Linaberger, an educational innovator with more than twenty-five years of experience, will share stories, tips, and tricks to help instill a love for learning in your child!

If your child can’t last another day in school, and you’ve had it with the fighting, crying, and coercing, HELP! My Child Hates School is for you.

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