Help, I’m Failing As A Mom!


Book Description

Handle your child’s mood disorder without feeling like a failure as a parent!

Parenting a child with a mood disorder can be frightening, exhausting, and lonely. You try to find help from doctors and therapists, but nothing seems to work. You are left feeling overwhelmed, worried, and responsible for your child’s mental illness, to the point when you start asking yourself, “Why am I failing as a mother?”

Tanya Trevett is a mental health coach, teacher, and certified Reiki and IET® Practitioner, as well as the mother of three daughters with mental illnesses. In Help, I’m Failing as a Mom! she guides you through the eight-step WELLNESS Process that will teach you how to handle your child’s mood disorder without feeling as if you are failing. Written for parents who want to learn how to live with their child’s mood disorder in a healthier way, Help, I’m Failing as a Mom! shares what Tanya has learned in her fifteen-year journey to help you:

  • Learn the secret to letting go of guilt so you can be a better (and happier) parent
  • Understand the complexities of mood disorders and why it takes a village
  • Learn methods and activities for hope and healing
  • Rediscover the joy, pride, and unconditional love you have for your child

Help, I’m Failing as a Mom! will transform your relationship with your child and their mood disorder. Reclaim your emotional health and life today.

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