Happiness Junkie


Book Description

In this true confession, self-help memoir, Caren Albers searches much like Elizabeth Gilbert in Eat Pray Love (minus the exquisite food, exotic locations, and sensuous lover) for what she truly wants from life, HAPPINESS.

Shortly after her eighteenth birthday, a shocking event inspires a journey to change her life and find true happiness. She discovers TWELVE STEPS that create happiness – twelve wonder wisdoms that when put into practice can turn anyone into a HAPPINESS JUNKIE.

If you want to invite more happiness into your life or are healing from a painful past, this book is for you, true, tender, and transformational. Find out how happiness gets sidetracked and what ghosts and old dances stand in the way of creating your own happy endings.

“Happiness Junkie lights a path to happiness and beyond. Through personal story she unfolds the 12 steps that inspired her own transformation. Albers opens her heart on every page. She demonstrates in tender and relevant ways that finding the way to happiness is possible and worth every step of the journey.” Mary Anne Radmacher, author of HONEY IN YOUR HEART and SHE – A CELEBRATION OF THE GREATNESS IN EVERY WOMAN

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