Grief Unveiled


Book Description

“The book outlines wisdom and guidance on how to reclaim one’s life after sudden tragedy offering genuine hope for a new tomorrow” (Patti Smith, president, America’s Gold Star Families).

Widowhood leaves you forever changed but does not have to mean forever suffering. Grief Unveiled is a love letter from a widow sister that will change what you believe is possible in life after loss. This book acts as a guide to those supporting the bereaved just as it illuminates a path for anyone traveling the road of widowhood. Based on her personal experiences in grief and those of her clients, Sarah Nannen offers a deeply intimate look at widowhood through the lens of hope and possibility while honoring the depth of grief’s pain. GriefUnveiled shows you how to stop just surviving and thrive in life after loss.

“Sarah illustrates the challenges encountered on the path through grief with such tender accessibility, offering both inspiration, empowerment, and solidarity to fellow widows.” —Christina Rasmussen, author of Where Did You Go?

“I remember not being able to hold back tears the first time I heard Sarah’s story. Partly because of what she experienced, but more so because I was overwhelmed by the amount of beauty, joy, love and vibrance surrounding her, reflected in her friends and family. With this book, her words, her story and her wisdom can help you do the same. What a gift.” —Elizabeth DiAlto, host of the Untame the Wild Soul podcast, author of Untame Yourself

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