Grateful, Not Dead

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Book Description

Retire purposefully, re-fired, and empowered to do what is important to you!

Congratulations, Boomer! It’s been a “long strange trip!” Now you’re considering retirement or maybe you’re already retired. But are you now imagining the best is over? Are your retirement plan, investments, savings, and home equity not what you imagined? How would “the best years of your life” be different if you could overcome your aching fears, these worries that keep you up at night?

Based on his own transformation and work as an international consultant and coach, Art Mitchell has used the REWIREMENT process to empower himself and people like you. By following the ancient labyrinth as metaphor for transformation and 10 key steps to inform your aging process, you can open to greater happiness, creativity, and service – and with meaningful work to achieve your freedom.

In Grateful, Not Dead, you’ll learn:

  • that overcoming myths and shame about aging, retirement, and money can change everything for you;
  • how to reboot your life through consciousness expansion, spirituality, and service;
  • how to uncover purpose, boost creativity, and increase engagement;
  • the roadmap to find new work you love for meaning, purpose, and a secure income; and
  • obvious (and not so obvious) secrets you’ll need to know to take back your power and live the best years of your life.

Grateful, Not Dead, inspired by Schachter-Shalomi and Miller’s From Age-ing to Sage-ing: A Revolutionary Approach to Growing Older, builds on the work of the conscious aging and anti-ageism movements. Art Mitchell will show you how to stop worrying and start creating your independence now.

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