Good Baby, Bad Sleeper

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Book Description

Revolutionary Information about Children and Sleep Personalities

Good Baby, Bad Sleeper takes you on a journey of recognizing the foundational emotional and energetic needs of your child, including their sleep personality, so you can finally create a customized sleeping plan that feels good and works.

Stephanie Hope Dodd’s Heart-Centered Sleep Solution approach answers the question, “Why won’t you go to sleep?”

This book shows you how to navigate through and beyond traditional sleep training methods in a way that resonates with attachment parenting styles. Better sleep results from understanding your child’s true needs and the reasons they either can’t fall asleep or don’t yet seem tired. By utilizing Heart-Centered Sleep Solutions that are in alignment with your particular parenting style, and by taking into consideration your child’s current developmental phase, sleep solutions for the entire family multiply.

This book is for you if you’ve ever asked these questions:
•Why won’t my child go to sleep?
•Why does teaching my child to fall asleep feel so scary and bad?
•Is something wrong with my child?
•Is it me?

Good Baby, Bad Sleeper gives you Heart-Centered Sleep Solutions that help you to
•Define your child’s Sleep Personality
•Foster an ideal and necessary brain state for deep sleep
•Calm the nervous system, erase fears, and cultivate a feeling of love at bedtime
•Feel great about teaching your child the skills to fall and stay asleep

If you find yourself seeking something different to try when you’re putting your child to bed, something to make bedtime easier, more peaceful, and understandable, this book can help.

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