Girls Just Wanna Have Likes


Book Description

In today’s age of social media, young girls are learning crucial life lessons from dubious mentors like the Kardashians and other Instagram “celebrities.” Many are so thoroughly addicted to social media they are uncomfortable communicating face to face. It’s no wonder parents across the country are afraid for their daughters’ self-esteem and ability to thrive in the real world.

In Girls Just Want to Have Likes, educator and leadership coach Laurie Wolk offers smart advice on how parents can take control, communicate meaningfully with their children, and get back to raising confident capable young women. Laurie shows parents how to reclaim their roles as mentor and guide, helping their daughters unwind and decode the toxic messages social media broadcasts. By applying Laurie’s methods, social media will start to fade into the background of your household, allowing family connection to take center stage—and letting your daughter shine.

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