Get Happier, Fitter, and off the Meds Now


Book Description

Are you finally ready to lose enough weight and get off your meds forever?

Right now, you’re on medications for being overweight, but really wish you weren’t. Or, you’re sick of feeling tired and unhealthy while dealing with pills that have undesirable side effects. You’ve tried diets and exercise, but they didn’t work. You’re still in luck! What if there’s a better way to lose weight and get off the pills, while also improving your sleep, libido, energy, and getting rid of body aches? Now there is…

In Get Happier, Fitter, and off the Meds Now, thirty-year fitness veteran and transformational coach Ell Graniel gives you the missing link you need to finally get the results you’ve been looking for, along with a seven-step process to make it happen for real this time. You will learn:

  • Why it’s not your fault you can’t keep the weight off, and what to do about it
  • What the true side effects of meds are (the ones they don’t have to put on the label)
  • Why diets don’t work the way you think they do
  • How counting calories and steps keep you overweight
  • How to shift from sloth to superstar and become self-motivated
  • And other secret stuff you deserve to know!

It’s time to learn how you’ve been misled into believing that meds are your only solution if you can’t stay on a diet and hate exercise. It’s time to get your body back!

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