Get Clear

Jana Berghoefer

Book Description

You are naturally intuitive, possessing an innate inner knowing about what is right for you in any given moment.

Have you heard this before, want to believe it, but still feel confused? Get Clear: Claim Your Intuitive Instincts helps you close the gap between the idea of intuition and the experience of living intuitively – more fluidly, joyfully, confidently and creatively.

Intuition is a whole body process, an interaction of the unique structure of your brain as well as your body, emotions and energy system. These aspects of you can work awkwardly together, but through self-leadership, awareness and practice, you can create synergy among them resulting in a deeper level of knowing that gives you the ability to differentiate your own desires from what others want for you or from you. While it takes some sleuthing to learn your distinct intuitive language and tinkering to work with it, this book guides you through an easy, illuminating process that leads to greater self-awareness and shows simple, practical uses for your intuition.

By claiming your intuition, you will become clear about who you are and what to do.

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